Manufacturing Design Drawings in STEP or IGS File Format for Production

Many manufacturers will request a STP, STEP or IGS, IGES file design drawings for designing molds or for pricing manufactured parts for production of your invention or product.

We are a full service “Manufacturing Design Drawings” company for product design manufacturing & production.

Manufacture  Product Design for Production

Manufacture Product Design for Production

IGES or IGS Files (design file format used in the manufacturing production process) stands for Initial Graphics Exchange Specification and is a file format which defines a vendor neutral data format that allows the digital exchange of information among Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems. An IGS file is composed of 80-character ASCII records, a record length derived from the original punched card era. It can be used by many CAD programs as a standard ASCII text-based format for saving and exporting vector data, and can store wireframe models, surface or solid object representations, circuit diagrams, and other objects. The IGS format has become the default standard file format for transferring 3D model files between the different CAD software packages. Once a user has created a model file in one specific software to send it to another user who does not have that same program without any concern whether or not the recipient will have the ability to open or view the file.

STEP or STP Files (design file format used in the manufacturing production process) is a file extension for a 3-D graphic file used by CAD software. STP stands for STandard for the Exchange of Product model data. STP files are used to store 3D image data in an ASCII format, following the standards defined in ISO 10303-21 : Clear Text Encoding of the Exchange Structure.

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