3D Printing and Prototypes with Photos – Pictures

3D Printing Prototypes for inventors and product developers helps them explain how the product functions. Also; by providing a functioning prototype model your patent attorney may be able to seek out additional patent claims that might not have been found without a prototype.

A 3D Printed Prototype allows you to validate to yourself and to your investors that the invention actually works and functions as envisioned and designed.

Please find below pictures of some of the 3d printed prototypes and parts that we have 3d printed for many different types of clients and inventors.
Large 3D Printing

3D Printing for Large Prototypes

Medical 3D Printed Prototype

3D Printed Prototype for Medical Application

Working Prototype

Working Prototype

Prototype Developed Into a Consumer Product

Prototype Developed Into a Consumer Product

The Above Client’s Prototype Invention Is Featured In “3D Print Magazine”! (click here for more info)

Prototype Model

Prototype Model

Prototype Model

Prototype Model Ready for Delivery To Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

3D Printed Design Change Prototype

3D Printed Design Change Prototype versus Original on Left

3d Printed Working - Functioning Prototype

3D Printed Working – Functioning Prototype (in red)

Small Visual Prototype

Small Electronic Visual Prototype

Large and Small Prototype Versions

Large and Small Prototype Versions

Artistic Prototypes

Custom Artistic Prototypes

Below are pictures of the consumer product, “Rippleball” that we designed, prototyped, tested and assisted with manufacturing.
Product Development

Product Development of a New Invention “Rippleball” – Finished Consumer Product Game Boxed and Ready For Sale

product manufacturing

Product Manufactured of “Rippleball” Consumer Product

3D Printing Large Prototype

3D Printed Large Prototype for “Rippleball” Swimming Pool Game

A message from the 3D Printing, Product Design & Prototype Experts. president/owner:

Don’t underestimate the importance of a 3d printed prototype and don’t try to cut corners by skipping the prototype stage and moving forward without having proven to yourself and others that your idea is technically and mechanically feasible.

What are the Different Types of Prototypes

I’m here to provide 3d printing prototype services to inventors, companies and organizations interested in having their product or item prototyped for reproduction or product design modifications, alterations or design improvements. I will supply you with expert 3d printing and prototyping service solutions.

Thanks for taking the time to view this 3d printing and prototype company information and I look forward to hearing from you, Anthony 772-934-6014